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    St James Township

    Public Input Session for 2018 St. James Township Five-Year Recreation Plan

    Join us for lunch, learn about and contribute to our plan for future recreational opportunities on the island. Everyone is invited!
    Wednesday, January 3rd 12:00-1:00PM at Beaver Island Community School. Lunch will be provided.

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    St James Township

    Perhaps the following will help people understand the St James Township Recreation Plan process.

    A few bullet points:
    • If the township holds up the process until after summer 2018, it will miss the major State of Michigan DNR, CZM, MNRTF Granting Cycle which happens in the spring of each year – the island would have to wait until spring 2019 to apply for the State Grants.
    • The township decided last winter to wait until the extensive Master Planning process was completed before updating its Recreation Plan so that it could include all input gathered through that process
    • The Master Plan Process (which culminated in the adoption by both townships of the Beaver Island Master Plan in May 2017) included several and varied community input mechanisms over a period of several months from summer 2016 through early winter 2017. The Approved Master Plan includes community defined action items and several pages of survey results, much of which is related to natural resources and recreation. Click here to view BI Master Plan
    • The Recreation Plan has been an item on the township agenda every month since last spring, during which time the board sifted through the surveys and action items in the new Master Plan and narrowed down the items that were of interest to most of the respondents.
    • In October of 2017 the township applied for a $5,000.00 grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation for the purpose of completing the formal Recreation Plan and developing up to 4 grant-ready recreation based grant proposals for the spring 2018 State cycle.

    In November of 2017 the following was posted on the Township Website: RECREATION PLAN UPDATE
    Deputy St James Township Supervisor, Patrick Cull (BICS class of 2009) has been busy updating the township’s 5-year recreation plan. When the plan is completed and accepted by the State of Michigan, the township will be eligible to apply for major grants to complete projects that will improve and promote access to recreational sites for residents and visitors. The plan is being drafted based upon input from the recently completed Master Plan process and township adopted recreation goals. Click here to view Township Goals:

    As soon as the rough draft is ready for review, we will place a link here (meaning the Twp Website). In January 2018 the township will host a public informational session to get feedback as well as an electronic format for people to comment and provide feedback. The plan is expected to be adopted in February 2018 following a formal public hearing. The plan will be adopted in time to apply for grants during the State’s spring 2018 granting cycle.

    The township received a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to help fund the planning and development of a 5-Year recreation plan and grant-ready projects.

    In Early December 2017 – The following note was included in the tax bill of every taxpayer in St James Township: Check out the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS tab on our homepage for more information about our draft 5-Year Recreation Plan. This page (meaning the Township website) will soon have information on how to provide your input in one of these ways: attend a public input meeting, complete a recreation plan survey, email or phone one of us, or stop in to visit.

    We hope as many people as possible can attend the meeting on January 3rd, or view it on Beaver Island News on the Net. Within a week after that meeting, the draft will be posted on the township website along with information about providing your input electronically. There will be a 30-day period of formal public comment, and then a formal public hearing in early February.
    If anyone would like more information, please contact us – all contact information is on our website:

    This posting submitted by K McNamara, Supervisor

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