Beaver Island Birding Trail 2018 Warblers on the Water Events

The 7th annual Beaver Island Birding Festival, Warblers on the Water, will be held on May 22-24, 2020, on Beaver Island, in northern Lake Michigan. The island is a spring migratory song and shore bird mecca with over 200 species of birds recorded from the island. Registration is limited, and birders are urged to register early through the Beaver Island Birding Trail website at

Transportation to the island is via ferry or air taxi. Lodging is available on the island, and transportation for the various field trips will be provided to registered participants. More information about transportation and lodging is available on the website.

Accomplished field trip leaders will guide participants to some of the island’s 30+ birding sites. Whether you are a novice or expert birder there will be something for you during this Memorial Day weekend event. 

Featured speakers include Dr. Ed Leuck on “Carnivorous Plants and Orchids of Beaver Island,” and Dr. Beth Leuck on “Monarchs, Milkweeds, Mimicry, and Migration: The Story of Coevolution, an Endangered Biological Phenomenon, and the Decline of a Charismatic Butterfly.” Andrea and Terry Grabill will again lead a Windshield Birding Tour of Beaver Island, and during six other morning and evening field trips participants will explore birds in diverse habitats on the island. In addition, field trips to Garden Island and High Island are scheduled via chartered boats. A workshop taught by Dr.Nancy Seefelt on sketching birds will be offered on Sunday afternoon..

For more specific information about Warblers on the Water visit Information about transportation to and accommodations on Beaver Island can be found at, and for information about the island visit the Chamber of Commerce’s web site at

May 22-24, 2020

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