Message Board Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register to view the Message Board?


Do I have to register to post on the Message Board?


How do I register?

A-Step by step instructions
1-You can either click the Register Here link on the Message Board page or register here
2-Fill out your first name last name in the Username box example George Washington
3-Fill out your Email address in the Email box
4-Click register
5-You will receive an automatically generated password by email most of the time in less than a minute

Can I change my password?


How do I change my password?

A-Step by step instructions
1-Log in with your your current Username and Password
2-Click on the Change Password link on the Message Board page
3-You will be taken to your profile page
4-Scroll down to the bottom of the page
5-Type in your new password in the New Password Box
6-Type in your new password in the Repeat New Password Box
7-Click Update Profile button to save the new password

What if I lost or can’t remember my password?

A-Step by step instructions
1-Click on the Lost Password link on the Message Board page
2-Fill in your Username or Email address you registered with originally
3-An automatic email is generated and sent to your registered email address (If you don’t receive it right away check in your spam filter)
4-Click on the link in the email
5-Your email will look like the screen just below
Password Reset

6-You will be taken to a screen like the one below
7-Type your new password into both boxes
8-Click the Reset Password Button
Reset screen

9-You can now use your new password- see the screen below


How do I post pictures?

A-Step by step instructions
1-In order to post pictures you need to have to have someplace on the web to post the pictures there are lots of free places to upload your pictures for example Photo Bucket
2-Once your photo is uploaded to a place on the internet that photo will have a link copy that link
3-Log in to the Message Board if you are not already logged in (You must be logged in to post pictures)
4-On the Message Board in the screen where you want to upload your picture click on img
5-In the box that opens up type in or paste the link (link should start with http:// or https://
6- Click OK
7-Make sure you click Submit to save your post and picture
Picture screen 1Screen 2