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Little Traverse Conservancy’s Nature Preserves on Beaver Island
Beaver Island Eco Tourism and Nature
By Eric Myers Ph.D

The natural areas found on Beaver Island and the surrounding Islands contain stunning scenery, many beautiful and rare plants and abundant wildlife making it a haven for adventurers and eco-tourists. On Beaver Island there are countless opportunities for: fishing, hiking, biking, nature photography, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and bird-watching. As you travel around Beaver Island you will come face-to-face with several forest types, old farm fields, as well as 300 foot sand dunes and all that is the Lake Michigan shore line. And don’t forget the outer uninhabited islands that are unspoiled and open to explore.

Cars can drive on many miles of paved and gravel roads on Beaver Island, but so can mountain bikes. Some of the foot trails and many forest roads are also mountain bike friendly. The closer of two state camp grounds can be reached from the boat dock on a one mile paved bike trail. There are several hotels walking distance from the boat dock as well as restaurants, bars, and stores. If you are looking for an environmentally exciting and yet low ecological footprint vacation, you can find it on Beaver Island.

More Birds of Beaver Island
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