Beaver Island Retreat – Glamping that provides luxury outdoor accommodations designed to bring you unprecedented comfort while experiencing serenity and dark skies in nature unspoiled. Environmentally friendly and focused on protecting the island’s natural resources, The Retreat provides almost everything you need to be comfortably immersed in nature. Your Hotel Safari Tent has over 180 Sq. Ft. of interior space with all the amenities of a hotel room. Safari Tent areas are very private, designed so guests can be fully independent at their tent for leisure, cooking, and campfires when disconnecting from the world. Our guest kitchen, laundry, and pavilion with a complete bar area are open 24 hours a day and fully stocked with appliances to make your experience easy and stress-free. Our individual bathhouses are exclusively designed with high-end amenities, providing privacy and comfort when needed most. Unlimited Ice. Unlimited Firewood. Unlimited Lump Charcoal. Bottle of Wine on arrival. Learn more at
(330) 413-4434 Address 34195 Kings Hwy, Beaver Island.
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See Camping, For traditional camping, Beaver Island has two established campgrounds. Both are owned and operated by the Island Townships. 

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